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Welcome to our “What’s New” section. We will be updating this section regularly with news from within our company, and the insurance industry. So feel free to visit regularly!

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The Precautions Businesses Should Take Amid COVID-19 Tue, Mar 17, 2020
As concerns around the spread of COVID-19 continue growing, we are monitoring the latest developments in order to keep our clients, business partners and employees safe. We wanted to share with you a couple of resources that may be helpful to minimize the impact of this outbreak to your business.
In the weeks ahead, we know that you will need CRE to support you, your businesses, and your customers, and we will be there for you. As with many organizations trying to reduce in-person meetings and travel, the way in which we provide support may change. Our team is using virtual meeting tools when appropriate, and we are limiting non-essential travel in accordance with health and safety guidelines. We will continue to be available to you and your business via phone, email and online whenever needed.
Please review the following document which outlines preventative measures you can take to protect your employees and your operations:
Organizational Resilience Checklist
The Organizational Resilience Checklist by our partners at Ecclesiastical highlights the issues you need to consider to prepare for an outbreak.
We have been receiving some questions with regards to how certain types of insurance may respond to the COVID-19 outbreak:
Business Interruption coverage is designed to cover the loss of income that a business suffers after a disaster. It is important to note that this coverage is dependent on an insurable loss being triggered such as fire, water damage, etc. and does not typically cover financial impact of pandemics. The Civil Authority extension, which covers access to a business being denied by civil authorities following a disaster, is also only triggered by a covered peril and would not apply to the COVID-19 outbreak.
Some specialty insurers around the world have developed unique policies for pandemic-like scenarios but these policies are seldom purchased in politically stable environments and insurers have reached out to brokers confirming that these policies are not being offered for the existing COVID-19 outbreak.
Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any additional questions
Auto Reform Fri, Apr 22, 2016 Ontario Auto Insurance is changing June 1st 2016. Click here for more info!

Learn more about the auto reform Thu, May 8, 2014 The Ontario government has introduced changes to the auto insurance system. As a result, some coverages under the Ontario Auto Insurance policy have been altered, and a new standard auto insurance policy has taken effect as of September 1, 2010. Please review the articles below to learn more:

ROYAL & SUNALLIANCE AND WESTERN ASSURANCE ANNOUNCE AIR MILES®!!! Thu, May 8, 2014 Earn 1 reward mile for every $20 spent (including taxes) on your personal car or property insurance with Royal & SunAlliance. If you are an AIR MILES® collector now and want to register to collect your reward miles, call 1-888-877-1710 or click here

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WHAT'S NEW AT THE MTO?? Thu, May 8, 2014

Driver and Vehicle Contact Centre : 1 800 387-3445 or (416) 235-2999 GTA
TTY users only : 1 866 417-8929 or (905) 704-2426 in Niagara



The Government of Ontario has introduced new testing and licensing requirements for operators of limited-speed motorcycles (motor scooters) and mopeds. Anyone who operates a moped now requires a restricted Class M licence. Mopedists can no longer operate a moped on a G licence. Applicants wishing to drive a motor scooter or moped are required to demonstrate their skills in a road test using a moped or motor scooter. Those who pass will receive a restricted Class M Licence with L Condition that allows them to drive those vehicles only. When calling to make an appointment for a road test, applicants are required to specify the vehicle that they will be using on the test – moped, motor scooter or motorcycle. For more information about licensing for limited-speed motorcycles, please visit MTO


Ontario has implemented measures to improve road safety. Aggressive and speeding drivers face increased fines and demerit points for speeding offences. New legislation allows for longer driver licence suspensions for drivers repeatedly convicted of speeding 50 km/h or more over the posted speed limit within a five-year period. Fines have doubled for drivers who speed through construction zones when workers are present and fines for drivers who ignore the rules at pedestrian crossing and in school zones have been increased.


High Occupancy Vehicle (HOV) lanes are now open on sections of Highways 403 and 404. HOV lanes are only open to buses and vehicles carrying at least two people, including the driver. For more information about carpooling and how to use HOV lanes, please visit HOV.


Drivers are reminded that non-payment of fines for moving violations (e.g. speeding, failing to obey signs, etc.) could lead to a driver’s licence suspension and a $150 driver’s reinstatement fee. Follow the instructions on your ticket regarding payment to your local municipal court for moving violation fines. Reinstatement fees can be paid at nay Driver and Vehicle Licence Issuing Office.

Non-payment of municipal parking fines can lead to denial of licence plate renewal. Follow the instructions on your parking ticket regarding payment to your local municipal parking authority. Outstanding parking fines appearing on your vehicle renewal notice can be paid via the Internet, at a Service Ontario kiosk, at your local Driver and Vehicle Licence Issuing Office or by mail.


Booster seats are required for children under the age of eight, weighting 18 kg or more but less than 36 kg (40-80 lb.) and who stand less than 145 cm (4’9”) tall.

A child can start using a seatbelt once any one of the following criteria is met:
Child turns eight years old
Child weighs 36 kg (80 lb.)
Child is 145 cm (4’ 9”) tall
Seat belts, child car seats and booster seats save lives. Buckle up for every trip. It is your responsibility to make sure children are properly secured in your vehicle. Failing to do so may result in a fine and two demerit points.


In an effort to make Ontario’s roads safer, teenage G2 drivers are restricted in the number of young passengers they can carry between the hours of midnight and 5 a.m. In the first six months after receiving their G2 licence, they are allowed only one passenger aged 19 and under. After the first six months or until G2 drivers turn 20, they can carry up to three passengers aged 19 and under. The restrictions do not apply if a G licensed driver with at least four years of driving experience accompanies the G2 driver in the front seat or if the young passengers are immediate family members.


Vehicle owners can be charged if their vehicle illegally passes a stopped school bus with its red lights flashing. Fines range from $400 to $2000.


As of January 1, 2006, Ontario’s Drive Clean program requires emissions tests for vehicles that are five years old, instead of three years old: 2003 vehicles do not require an emissions test until 2008. This change is part of Drive Clean’s increased focus on older vehicles that are most likely to pollute. However, for consumer protection, resale vehicles will still require emissions tests for ownership transfer when they are one year or older.

As before, if your vehicle requires a test before its registration can be renewed, there will be an asterisk (*) beside the vehicle information in the Vehicle Licence Renewal Application.

Model years to be tested for renewals due in 2007 are:
2002, 2000, 1998, 1996, 1994, 1992, 1990, 1988

Drive Clean, administered by the Ministry of the Environment, reduces smog-causing pollutants by identifying grossly polluting vehicles and requiring them to be repaired. The repair cost limit, available only through Drive Clean facilities, may allow you to defer some repairs while obtaining a conditional pass for registration renewal only.

A Drive Clean pass is valid for one year form the date of issue. It must be valid on the expiry date of the licence plate, or on the date of the transaction for a late renewal or ownership transfer.

From more information, call 1 888 758-2999 or visit DRIVECLEAN

If your renewal form shows your plate registration expiring on your birthday, remember that you must renew it by that date, not the end of the month indicated on your sticker. The fine for driving with an expired validation sticker is $90 (plus $20 victim surcharge). The cost for renewing a licence plate covers a full-year period with no exceptions. The odometer information from passenger vehicles, light commercial vehicles (3,000 kg or less) and buses (non-prorate) is recorded by the Ministry of Transportation (MTO) to help deter fraudulent odometer tampering when renewing a licence plate, transferring ownership, or registering an out-of-province vehicle.

Personal information is collected by MTO under the authority of section 205 of the Highway Traffic Act. Only Authorized Requesters who have entered into a contractual agreement with MTO may obtain residential address information for uses such as law enforcement, service of legal documents, automobile insurance purposes, financial institution information verification, debt collection and road toll collection. For more details, visit the MTO website at , any Driver and Vehicle Licence Issuing Office (Public Notice posted), or call the Driver and Vehicle Contact Centre at (416) 235-2999 or 1 800 387-3445.